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Thursday 10 September 2020

Lesson No. 4 E-Commerce and E-Governance Question Bank

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Mrs. Shilpa Kate, IT Lecturer, S.B. Patil College of Science & Commerce, Ravet, Pune

Textbook Exercises

Q1. Fill in the blanks.

1.     E-commerce’s scope is Global.

2.     A customer can do shopping   online  using Business to consumer  type  of E-Commerce.

3.     The Execution phase  consist of Order and Delivery.

4.     E-wallet  is  a  type  of  pre-paid  account in which a user can store his/her   money   for   any   future online transaction.

5.     EDI    is    electronic   exchange of information.

6.     The Government-to-Citizen type  of  e-governance refers to the government services which   enable   citizens   to   get access to wide variety of public services.

7.     The e-governance which provides safe and secure inter-relationship between    domestic    or    foreign government is Government-to-Government.


Q2. State True/False.

1.     C2C  type  of  E-commerce  deals with Business and Customer.

Ans: False ( ans is B2C)

2.     The lack of a personal touch can be a disadvantage for many types of    services    and    products    in E-commerce.

ANs: True

3.     Checking the balance of holiday is an example of G2C.

Ans : False ( ans is G2E)

4.     E-commerce      provides      more options to compare and select the cheaper and better options.


5.     M-commerce can be used through desktop computer.

Ans:-False  (ans is mobile or tablet)

Q3.Multiple Choice Question. (1 correct answer)

1.     Invoice and payment are included in   ……………phase   of   trade cycle.

a. Presale         b. execution          c. settlement                   d. After sales

2.     License renewal  is an example of …….e-governance.

a. G2C   b.G2B         c.G2G         d. G2B


Q4. Multiple Choice Question. (2 correct answer)

1.     Encryption      consist        of      two processes ……………and …………….

a.  encryption  b. signature c. decryption        d. digitization       e.Security

2.      Social   commerce  is  a  subset  of that involves     social media     like……………..&………..

a.facebook       b. Instagram                 d.Whtasapp                  e. software


Q5. Match the following

          A                                                                          B

1. M-commerce                                                     a. coded form of data

2.Cipher Text                                                        b. B2B

3.EDI                                                                    c. E bill payment

4. Business to Wholesaler                                    d. Paperless exchange of information

5.License renewal  services                                 e. G2G

6. Online facility to employees like leave           f. G2C

7.Government agencies share same database      g.G2E

Ans: 1àc   2àa  3àd  4àb  5àf   6àg  7àe

Additional Exercises

Q1.Fill in the Blanks

1 The Consumer to consumer model facilitates the online transactions of goods & services between two consumers.

2. In  business to consumer model, customer  request a specific service from the business.

3. In E-Commerce scope is Global

4.E-commerce means online selling and buying.

 5.Digital certificate are used to verify the identity of each person an electronic transaction.

6. EDI is commonly applied to execution and    Settlement phase of trade cycle.

7. Order and Delivery are Execution phase of trade cycle

8. Invoice and Payment are  Settlement phase of trade cycle.

9. Warranty, services etc. are After Sales activities

10. Finding a supplier and agreeing the terms is Pre-Sales phase of trade cycle

11. After –Sales is last phase of trade cycle.

12. EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange


Q2.True or false

1. In E-commerce scope is local.   ANS:False
2. After sales services are the parts of settlement phase of trade cycle. Ans :False

3. E-commerce eliminates human errors and duplication of records. Ans:True

4. In E-Market, dialogue between customers and seller is possible. Ans: False

5. Search comes under execution phase of Trade Cycle. Ans:False

6. The digital certificate is issued by certification authority.    Ans: True

7. In Encryption process, random text is converted into plain text.  Ans: False

8. EDI is commonly applied to execution and settlement phase of trade cycle. Ans: True

9. B2B model is commonly known as EDI.  Ans:- True

10. Password is used to provide protection from unauthorized access.   Ans: True

11. The process of converting the encrypted data into human readable format is called decryption.     Ans:True

Q3. MCQ Select  1 correct option

1.Which of the following is the part of the four main types for e-commerce?

 A.B2B           B.B2C           c.C2B         d. All of the Above

2.Which type of e-commerce focuses on consumers dealing with each other?

A.B2B            B. B2C            c.C2B         d.C2C

3) ……………… concerned with the buying and selling information, products and services over computer communication networks

(a) Commerce                (b) E-Commerce                    (c) E-Business            (d) None of these

4) ……………allows a business application on the computer of one organization to communicate directly with the business application on the computer of another company.

(a) EDI                             (b) Protocols                         (c) Standards                     (d) Business applications

5. Electronic Exchange of business documents in a standard format is known as ………………

(a) E-commerce          (b) E-Business                           (c) EDI                               (d) None of these

6. Among the alternate models of B2B e-commerce,……is the best means to obtain a competitive advantage in the Market place.

(a) Process based     (b) strategic relationship based   (c) transaction based     (d) any of these

7. …………………is basically a concept of online marketing and distributing of products and services over internet

(a) B2G                       (b) B2E                      (c) B2C                    (d) B2B

8.……………………..e-commerce consists of the sale of products or services from a business to the general public

(a)  B2G                      (b) B2E               (c) B2B                   (d) B2C.

9. Which of the following is not suitable for a B2C transaction ?

(a) clothes                        (b) flowers                    (c) airline reservation                      (d) none

10………………is any transaction, involving the transfer or rights to use goods and services, which is initiated and or completed by using mobile access to computer mediated networks with the help of an electronic device.

A )Mobile Commerce                B) e-commerce                     C) both of these                  D )none of these

11.  ………………type of payment system is highly useful to those customers who would like to control overspending,

(a) Prepaid           (b) Post paid                        (c) both of these                   (d) none of these

12. In …………………..type of payment system customer is allowed to spend only up to the amount that have pre deposited into account.

(a) Prepaid                              (b) Post paid                        (c) both of these                     (d) none of these

13. ………………….is a financial instrument which can be used more than once to borrow money or buy products and services on credit.

(a) Credit card                        (b) E-Cheques                     (c) E-cash                                (d) none of these

14. The dimension of e-commerce that enables commerce across national boundaries is called ______

A. interactivity.               B. global reach.                C. richness.                  D. ubiquity.



Q.4.  MCQ  Select 2 correct options    

1. Disadvantage of E-Marker are _____________

a. reduce search cost                                   

b. market is available round the clock              

c. dialogue between seller and customer are not possible                 

d. customer are not aware of new technology      

e. either a or b

2. In business to consumer model ______________

a. Customer identifies a need.                         b. Online auction

c. Select vendor and negotiates price           d. Online trading                   e. increase

3. Following are the components of phases of Trade Cycle.

a. Placing order                     b. booking              c. taking delivery

d. purchase                          e. sales

4. The advantages of EDI are ______________

a. Search cost is reduced                     b. Keyed in errors are less

c. Stationery cost increases                   d. Social interaction

e. Paper based Transaction

5. Placing the order and purchase the goods with payments all these activities comes under which phases of trade cycle.

a. presale

b. execution

c. settlement

d. after sales

e. Credit Transaction

6. EDI does not requires __________ and ______________

a. printed orders

b. softcopy

c. software

d. reduce paper work

e. Hardcopy

Q5. MCQ Select 3 options

1.Benefits of E-Commerce are ____________

a. service oriented market

b. global research

c. higher security

d. service available for 24 hrs.

e. local search

f. product oriented

2. Trade cycle consists of the following

a. execution

b. settlement

c. warranty

d. cost

e. discount

f. negotiable

3. Execution and Settlement phase of Trade Cycle consist of _____________________

a. search

b. order

c. payment

d. aftersales

e. delivery

f. negotiable

4. Following  are the advantages of E-Governance.

  a. Increased corruption    b.  High transparency       c. Increased convenience

  d. Indirect participation of constituent’s                e. Reduction in overall cost.

5. Social  commerce  is  the  use of    networking    websites  to promote and sell products and services  such    as

 a. Facebook,                  b. Instagram                 c. Twitter        d. E-learning portal          f.

6.  These are the various E-commerce technologies  commerce           b. funds  transfer       c. Employment  management

      d. Internet  marketing,        e. electronic  data interchange(EDI)

7. G2E provides    online    facilities    to    the employees 

a. like  applying  for  leave                b. reviewing salary payment record

c. checking the balance of holiday.     d. License Renewal      e. Paying tax